Christmas Cards in stock

Cards can be ordered from our stock. Contact us for more information.

Luxury Cards

with foil or glitter + 1 paper application + colored envelopes​

Luxury Handmade Cards​

with foil or glitter + different applications + colored envelopes​

PROMO Very Luxury Handmade Card

with foil + glitter + different applications + colored envelopes

Luxury Holographic Cards​

holographic background + big text as 3D laser application + golden envelopes

Display Sound Cards 11,5 x 17 cm​

with white envelopes

display 6 x 4 = 24 cards​

One Heart 3D Lenticular​

with designed envelopes

3D Lenticular Cards

with coloured envelopes

Trilogy Box with 3 x 4 Cards

with structered foil + white envelopes

Matt Metal Box with 1 x 5 Cards

with hot foil + glitter + paper application + white envelopes

Gift Box with music (with bottom + cover)

with hotfoil + glitter + foam application

Pompon Box with 1 x 5 Cards

with hotfoil + pompons + red envelopes